Innovative Metals

Siliconised graphite is a multipurpose material with unique properties as follows :

  • Erosion and corrosion resistance to the most aggressive environments (including hydrogen acid)
  • More precisely the material is resistant to concentrated and weak acids (including hydrofluoric acid) and alkalis, methyl chloride, acetic anhydride, and ethyl acetate at temperatures up to boiling, caprolactam melt and molten metals.
  • High temperature resistance (up to 500ºС)
  • Resistance to repeated thermal impacts
  • Sliding speed of up to 200 m/s
  • Loads of up to 15 MPa in critical friction assemblies
  • At start-up and hitch stages, able to work with dry friction for up to 40 seconds
  • Service life of friction assemblies of 50,000 hours.

  • The main applications are :
  • In combined heat and power station it is used for circulating pumps mechanical seals
  • In steel industry is used for friction components like O-rings, thrust bearings, plain bearings in pump reactors and separators.
  • And also as protective devices for immersion thermocouples used to measure temperatures of molten iron , copper , zinc and other metals
  • Plus locking and casting supplies for steel furnaces and ladles for pouring molten metal.

 Reagent Concentration, % Temperature of environment, ºC Test time, days  Loss of weight, %
Hydrochloric acid  34  boiling 60  0.02
Acetic acid  98   boiling 60  0.01
Phosphoric acid  85   boiling 60  0.10
Sulphuric acid  94  288 60  0.50
Nitric acid  70  121 60  0.14
Nitric acid 80 110 60 0.5
Formic acid  100  101  60  0.01
Caustic soda  20   boiling  10  10.0
Hydrofluoric acid  42  20  30  1.50
Methyl chloride  100  20  60  0.01
Acetic anhydride  70  140  200  0.09
Caprolactam melt  -  -  80  0.01
Ethyl acetate  50  40  300  0.05

Metal foam has become a very popular term which is nowadays used for almost any kind of metallic material which contains void. It is a cellular structure made up of a solid metal containing a large volume fraction of gas-filled pores.

All metallic foams have enormous applications in Energy absorption, filtration, sound suppression, magnetic shielding, vibration damping, stiff lightweight panels, thermal insulation barriers, storage media, fuel cells, and heat exchangers.

We are able to propose 5 different metallic foam (copper,nickel, stainless steel , carbon ) and this Aluminium foam is an example specific to high level of resistivity.


0.1 to 0.35 g/cm³

Pore Size

2-11 mm (Closed Cell)



Compressive Strength

44 Mpa

Blending Strength

27 Mpa

Acoustic Absorptive


Foam Size

100 x 100 x 5 mm

Physical Characteristics Aluminium Metal Foam

Heat Resistivity

660 °C

Acoustic Frequency

Between 125 and 2000HZ

Noise Reduction Coefficient


Thermal Insulation Properties

About 1 / 400 of metal Aluminium

Electromagnetic Wave Frequency

Between 2.6 and 18GHZ

Electromagnetic Shielding Property

Up to 60 – 90dB


100 Times Over Metal Aluminium

Ni-Ti Alloys is a superelastic "shape memory" material . It contains Titanium and nickel at equal atomic percentage
This duplex alloy has ultra high elastic limit capable of carrying much higher strain loads than conventional metals, returning to their original shape without deformation..
Nitinol Tubing Nitinol Wires / Strips Nitinol Solid Rods Nitinol Sheets
* Industrial Grade * Industrial Grade * Industrial Grade * Industrial Grade
O.D. in mm: Wires O.D. in mm: O.D. in mm:‎ Thickness in mm: 
‎Ø1.0mm~Ø16mm~ Ø50mm ‎Ø0.1mm~Ø2mm Ø2mm~Ø100mm 0.1mm~35mm
Thickness in mm: 0.1mm~1.5mm~15mm Strips:
Thickness in mm: 0.1~1mm X Width in mm:1~10 mm
Length Cut in mm: Coil in Reels Length Cut in mm: Length and Width Cut in mm: 5mm~400mm~ L
5mm~6000mm  Uncoiled Straight 5mm~6000mm 
Features: Superelastic & Shape Memory Features: Superelastic & Shape Memory Features: Superelastic & Shape Memory Features: Superelastic & Shape Memory
Customized Af Temperature:  Customized Af Temperature:  Customized Af Temperature:  Customized Af Temperature: 
-100 oC ~100oC -100 oC ~100oC -100 oC ~100oC -100 oC ~100oC
Af Temperature range: +/- 5oC Af Temperature range: +/- 5oC Af Temperature range: +/- 5oC Af Temperature range: +/- 5oC