About Us

Today, new materials are being developed to meet the stringent requirements of the industry that is constantly in need of more resistant and lighter products.Our corporate philosophy is to be at the forefront of the research to deliver state of the art products to our client base and help them identify ground-breaking, innovative materials to stay ahead of their competitors.

In the fast-changing and constantly innovating field of composites in particular, finding suppliers who can deliver high quality while keeping costs under control is a challenge that our clients are facing every day.

Our Team of specialists is constantly on market watch to be able to provide the most recent performing alloys and composites. Headquartered in Singapore, our company has offices and representatives all over Europe and Asia. Thanks to our global presence, we have developed a network of suppliers worldwide and we are at your disposal to support your organisation in its sourcing effortto find the adequate product for the best price.

For all these reasons, Triple A Industries will be your preferred sourcing partner for advanced alloys and composites.

Hadrien Lavaux
Managing Director